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iStock_000008533497XLargeACT, Inc. provides effective transition from rehab to workplace.

When an individual needs to transition from rehab to the workplace, coaching becomes a critical component for success. Through coaching and monitoring, ACT, Inc.’s skilled and experienced staff will thoroughly assess the individual’s skills, provide communication training and direction in employment skill development. ACT, Inc. does not provide direct employment, but delivers the skills and encouragement to enhance the individual’s success in obtaining and maintaining positive employment.

Our services include:

  • PRE-EMPLOYMENT TRAINING Skills training including adjusting to employment and the work environment, relating to co-workers and supervisors, decision making, and proper work habits and attitudes. If basic adult living skills are needed, we provide support in learning personal safety, personal hygiene, budgeting and banking, purchasing of appropriate work clothing, learning independent transportation skills, and interpersonal communication.
  • EMPLOYMENT PLACEMENT Community-based, integrated and meaningful employer/employee matching.
  • ON-THE-JOB COACHING On-the-job coaching to assure the individual learns all aspects of the job, with intermittent follow up once proficiency is demonstrated.
  • COMPETITIVE COACHING Long-term support to help the individual maintain employment.
  • FOLLOW UP SERVICES If the situation warrants, ACT, Inc. will provide job crisis intervention, skill retraining, employer support services, and new responsibility training.
  • THERAPEUTIC INVOLVEMENT Support services provided outside of the work environment to improve the likelihood that the individual will get and/or maintain employment.
  • TRANSPORTATION The Job Coach will provide transportation to and from the job until the individual is skilled enough to arrange transportation on their own or take public transportation.

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