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ACT, Inc.'s Transitional Residential Treatment Program is a bridge to home.

When an individual no longer requires intensive medical management, but is not yet ready to return to independent community living, ACT, Inc. provides transitional residential treatment in a comprehensive, 24-hour, seven days-a-week supportive therapeutic environment. Usually, individuals are admitted to the Transitional Residential Treatment Program from acute hospitals and acute rehabilitation facilities. However, they may come from home when their adjustment has not been optimal or when continuing difficulties warrant a limited period of in- patient services. This program also includes people with physical disabilities.

Once admitted, a structured treatment program is designed for each individual with the goal of successful community re-integration into home, work or school. An individual discharge plan is also developed. This plan may include a gradual reduction in therapy, transfer to one of ACT, Inc.’s other specialized programs or services, or regularly-scheduled follow-up visits to determine maintenance and/or the generalization of skills upon return to the community.

iStock_000005889591LargeFeatures of the Transitional Residential Treatment Program include:
A facility close to community resources which are used for the practice skills in real-life situations.

Development of new skills and compensatory techniques in the areas of:
– Behavioral intervention
– Cognitive skills
– Communication and social skills
– Community re-integration
– Functional life skills
– Mobility and physical skills
– Pre-vocational and vocational training

Support components:
– Case management services
– Family/caregiver education and counseling
– Family/caregiver support services – Social support network

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