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ACT, Inc. delivers a range of services to meet individual needs.

Every individual has unique needs. That’s why ACT, Inc. has developed and provides a continuum of programs and services that are flexible in design and effective in meeting the specific needs of each client. These expert treatment options delivered by our skilled and experienced staff enable rapid progress for each individual, and provide the highest level of cost effectiveness.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • FUNCTIONAL LIVING SKILLS TRAINING ACT, Inc. staff assist each individual to re-acquire basic living skills such as bathing, dressing and self-feeding.
  • SKILLS TRAINING Recovery of physical functions, including balance and coordination, as well as physical and occupational therapy through interdisciplinary-guided training.
  • COGNITIVE SKILLS TRAINING Interdisciplinary assessment and training to develop cognitive skills required for independent living.
  • SOCIALIZATION Regeneration of social skills, friendship and family relationships.
  • COMMUNITY REINTEGRATION Skills of daily living training through therapeutic methods in real-life settings, like crossing the street safely, using the post office, shopping for groceries, and banking.
  • FAMILY SUPPORT Counseling, support and training for friends and families.
  • VOCATIONAL SERVICES Vocational development including skills training, rehabilitation and workplace integration.
  • POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION SUPPORTS Independent skills for success in the postsecondary environment including work load organization, help with applying for and achieving support accommodations, and assistance with communications with professors and administrative personnel.

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