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ACT, Inc. provides effective postsecondary education support.

When a student with a disability that affects learning moves on from high school to postsecondary education, a transitional gap can make success difficult. This gap can include a lack of advocacy for the student in areas of discovering, initiating and following through learning support available from the college or university. ACT, Inc.’s skilled and experienced staff facilitate this transition into college or university by acting as a liaison between the student and the institution, and advocating for the student. In order to maximize a student’s full independence, we provide this support on a one-to-one basis, and maintain a low profile in the college or university community.

iStock_000000908958LargeACT, Inc. provides postsecondary education support to individuals with a disability who have:

  • Sustained a traumatic brain injury
  • Characteristics of a traumatic brain injury although the brain injury is a result from other causes such as stroke, illness, etc.

Our services include:

  • SCHEDULING Support as needed in setting up class schedules that take into consideration the classes the student needs for their major, the student’s workload and other activities, supports scheduling, and the student’s best time of day for focus and attention.
  • TIME/ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT Support setting up out-of-class activities and workload, organizing work load based on the class syllabus, support in breaking down tasks and assignments to facilitate manageable completion.
  • LIFE COACHING Support to adjust to college life, long-term planning support development, insight into appropriate campus activitiesand encouragement with involvement, and guidance in assessing the job market and finding employment.
  • ADVOCACY Help in contacting and communicating with the college or university’s office of disability supports, support in exploring options provided, follow up with student to be sure accommodation letters are delivered to professors, follow up and liaison with professors regarding accommodations and any difficulties student may encounter.
  • CRISIS SUPPORT Support with issues of daily life and problem solving.

ACT, Inc. evaluation protocols are an important part of the process.
ACT, Inc. strives for continuous improvement through diligent self-evaluation. Our evaluation process includes questionnaires and interviews with the student and the student’s support team at periodic intervals throughout service delivery and for a defined period following cessation of services.

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