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ACT provides supportive mentoring companionship.
Key to improving the quality of life for person with a neurological disability is an enduring and permanent relationship with a mentor. This relationship provides nurturing, gentle guidance and the safety, structure and flexibility to fully develop their capabilities. By providing skilled and experienced Companion Mentors, ACT, Inc. helps lay the foundation for learning life skills, developing self-esteem and learning to exist in interdependence with others.

Who are Companion Mentors?
The Companion Mentor may be a single person or persons, a married couple, or a family, and they are chosen because they are skilled in patience, compassion, empathy, and effective communication. They must also demonstrate the following:

  • Sensitivity to individuals with disabilities and their needs
  • Personal compatibility with the selected individual
  • Enough living space to accommodate interaction with the individual
  • Time to provide one-to-one interaction with the individual
  • Ability to work with ACT, Inc., the insurance case manager, other professionals, and the individual’s family
  • Ability to provide normal and necessary transportation
  • Ability to maintain necessary paperwork and accountability for service

How does the Companion Mentor relationship work?
Companion Mentors are matched with the individual after careful consideration of personal compatibility, interests, the individual’s service needs, and capacity of the individual and the Companion Mentor to achieve a mutually-positive relationship. The individual plays a key role in this matching process.

Companion mentors are responsible for providing food, shelter, and assistance as necessary with activities of daily living based on the compensatory needs of the individual’s disability. The Companion Mentor will also be responsible for providing skill rehabilitation for the achivement optimal growth and independence. Companion Mentors typically provide support early mornings, evenings, and weekends. Because Companion Mentors usually have employment beyond providing Companion Mentor services, ACT, Inc. may provide additional support during the time a Companion Mentor is working.

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